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A Classy Nail Shop for Mani, Pedi & Glamorous Designer Nails

 Après Certified Nail Technicians

At for Duchess, by Duke, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of nail care innovation. Our commitment is underscored by the prestigious Après certification held by both of our nail technicians, a rare accolade in Singapore. This certification represents a deep knowledge of and proficiency in the latest nail enhancement technologies, including the acclaimed Gel-X system.

Gel-X nails are renowned for their flawless, natural look and durability. They represent the pinnacle of nail extension technology, providing comfort and style without compromising the health of the natural nail. By choosing for Duchess, by Duke, you are entrusting your nails to experts who are trained in the most advanced techniques available in the industry.

Our technicians, certified in the USA, bring a wealth of experience and precision to each appointment. Whether you are looking for stunning, long-lasting nail extensions, stunning nail art or a manicure that stands out, our Après certified professionals are here to deliver perfection with every service.

Our Customer First Approach

At for Duchess, by Duke, we understand that our success is only possible if we have a loyal and supportive customer base. As such, we adopt a very strict customer first approach and business philosophy to provide you the best in class nail salon services.

Customer Friendly Always

From your first contact with us, you can expect nothing but a customer friendly service attitude. On the phone or in person at our nail salon, it's always service with a smile with us. That's why many of our clients are now friends and loyal customers. We are naturally friendly and love our job so this service attitude is just an extension of our personality.

Also no business is too small for us; It does not matter how much money you spend with us, we treat all our clients equally and we always value your business. At for Duchess, by Duke, you will always feel welcomed whenever you visit us.

Minimal Wait Time Guarantee

At for Duchess, by Duke, we respect your time. We will not make you wait unnecessarily long if you have a scheduled appointment with us. In fact, if we are ever more than 15 minutes late in servicing you (which can happen occasionally because a prior customer is late), we will compensate you for the time lost. This compensation can come in the form of service discounts, free nail art or products. We will decide the type and amount of compensation, but it will be more substantial, the longer we keep you waiting.

Transparent & Affordable Pricing

At for Duchess, by Duke, you will not have to second guess what your bill's going to be. Our salon prices are are transparently listed here, detailedly itemised so that you will never have an unpleasant bill shock. More importantly, our prices are extremely affordable, when compared to nail salons in similar class malls. With us, you get to enjoy having good quality mani and pedi services, without the hefty price tag other salons charge. 

Professionally Managed Salon

One of our founders, Amanda Koh, is a business graduate from NUS. And her sibling Andrea Koh, our other founder, is an undergraduate at SMU. They are both thus formally schooled in business management and have adopted their learnings to the running of this nail salon.

So with us, you will never encounter rude staff, overly defensive arguments, sub-par work, guarantees not being honoured, or any dishonest business practices. 

At for Duchess, by Duke, we place you first in everything that we do.

No Hard Selling of Packages or Products

With us, there is no hard selling ever. In fact, we have completely done away with discount packages, relying instead on the price list we publish on our website. 

We do not have to entice customers with discount packages because our published rates are already very affordable and our appointments are usually back-to-back.

More importantly, we do not buffer any time for upselling in our appointment slots. So rest assured, the prices quoted will be the prices charged on the actual day! 

So at for Duchess, by Duke, you will never have to sit through any unpleasant upsell from pushy manicurists, paddling their unwanted products or services.

Trendy, Elegant and Creative Styles

Search the Internet. If you see a new nail art trend surfacing, chances are, we are already at the forefront of it. Be it French, Korean or Japanese style nails, 3D art or even kawaii nails featuring cute cartoon characters, we have done it all.

Marbling, ombre or cat eye nails are not a problem too. If there is a new or emerging nail style that you will like to try, you can count on us to create it for you.

Young, Classy & Trendy Nail Technicians

Fashion trends will change from time to time. Fortunately at for Duchess, by Duke, our nail technicians are young, fashionable and very in tune with the latest nail trends from around the world. Whether it's 3D designs, character drawing or simple yet classy french designer nails, you can count on us to produce the look you desire. This is very apparent in the work we produce.

At for Duchess, by Duke, you will always walk away with nails that are the envy of others.

Our Complete Salon Price List

Nothing destroys an otherwise positive salon experience more than unexpected hidden charges. Hence  here's our complete salon price list, transparently itemised, to ensure you'll never suffer a bill shock when you visit us.

Manicure, Pedicure & Nail Art
Extensions, Overlay & Removal
One Step Express (First-Timer)
$12.90 (Mani)     $18.90 (Pedi)

+$2 for Cutting | +2 for Shaping | 1 Gel Colour Included

$12.90 (Mani)     $18.90 (Pedi)
One Step Express
$16.00 (Mani)     $22.00 (Pedi)

+$2 for Cutting | +2 for Shaping | 1 Gel Colour Included

$16.00 (Mani)     $22.00 (Pedi)
$25 (Mani)     $30 (Pedi)

+2 for Cutting | Shaping, Buffing & 1 Gel Colour Included

$25 (Mani)     $30 (Pedi)
$45 (Mani)     $55 (Pedi)

Cutting, Shaping, Buffing, Cuticle Care, Dead Skin Removal & 2 Gel Colours Included (Painted Very Close to the Cuticles)

$45 (Mani)     $55 (Pedi)
Classic Spa
n.a. (Mani)     $65 (Pedi)

Everything in Classic + Bath Bomb Foot Soak, Exfoliating Scrub & Callus Removal

n.a. (Mani)     $65 (Pedi)
Full Set Nail Art
$28 (Mani)     $28 (Pedi)

Cateye | Ombre | French | Simple Marble | Chrome + $3 per Nail

$28 (Mani)     $28 (Pedi)
Other Designer Nail Art
Price Varies Based on Intricacy

Ask Us for a Quote (DM us @forduchessbyduke or Use the Web Form on our Nail Art Page)

Price Varies Based on Intricacy

Passion and Natural Talent - the for Duchess, by Duke Difference

People often marvel at the our work, be it the extremely clean cuticle work for our classic manicures, or the complex designs we create. The 3D art, character drawings and fine intricate details that are the hallmark of our nail art are simply too difficult for some of our competitors to produce, we have been told. Our secret - natural talent and passion.

Since she was just 10 years old, our co-founder Andrea Koh has been able to sketch and draw anything that comes to mind, be it realistic portrait, cartoon characters or animals and nature. This kickstarted her love for the arts and painting, and she transferred that talent to the nail art that she paints for clients, producing the most detailed nail art that you do not find in your typical nail salon.  Nail art is thus second nature to her, and you can be rest assured that she takes pride in every single nail that she paints for you.

Her sister and co-founder Amanda Koh, has been painting nails since she was 12 years old, always asking her parents to gift her nail polish whenever they ask her what she would like for Christmas. She has made all her female relatives her guinea pigs, often asking them to offer up their hands as tribute. Her passion for her job therefore transcends beyond just her motivation to do well in her professional career, but rather her grit to pursue her childhood dream.

As you can see, we love what we do and take great pride in all the work we produce. That's the for Duchess, by Duke difference because passion cannot be forced and natural talent cannot be learnt; you either have it or you don't.

Our Location

Our nail salon is conveniently located at Kinex, just 350 metres from the Paya Lebar MRT station. We are thus easily accessible to anyone, regardless of where you reside.

Our Operating Hours:

We are open from 11 am to 8 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. Monday is our official off day, but we do still accept appointment bookings for that day.

By Appointments Only
Tuesday to Sunday
11 AM - 8 PM

Our Address:

11 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437157

Service Hotline:

+65 6631 8464

Schedule Your Appointment

For last minute appointments (within the next 7 days) please call us at: +65 6631 8464.

Manicure Services
Pedicure Services

Please Read Before Booking...

Important Note:

  1. We only accept online bookings for manicure and pedicure services without nail art i.e. plain solid colour nails only (glitter included).
  2. If nail art is required, you will need to first DM us via our Instagram account @forduchessbyduke, to get an estimate before booking. This is because nail art vary in complexity and thus the amount of time taken is not standard.
  3. For one-step express and express manicure and pedicure, you can have a maximum of only 1 colour choice
  4. Classic manicure and pedicure, 2 colours maximum.
  5. For appointments with 3 or more colour choices, you will also need to DM us, as the service time will vary depending on the number of colours.

Deposit Payment:

  1. A deposit is required for every online appointment booking
  2. Deposit amount:
    • For services priced below $20 - full payment is required
    • For services $20 and above - $20 deposit
  3. Once your booking is completed, your appointment will be put on hold until deposit payment is made.)
  4. To make payment, simply PayNow or PayLah to 82023636.
  5. Thereafter, please send us a screenshot of your successful payment to our Instagram account @forduchessbyduke.
  6. Once your payment is received, you will receive an email from us confirming your appointment.
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